Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Prevention applies strongly to nutrition because it can help you to be healthier, happier and live longer....who doesn't want this??? Good nutrition can prevent many things just to name a few; weight gain and obesity,bad mental health,low energy levels,irritability,stress,depression and a number of chronic illnesses. Providing our bodies with the right vitamins and minerals are crucial to good health and can prevent seeing the doctor which in turn saves lots and lots of money and time. I personally have not been to the doctor or even gotten sick since I can remember. Maybe a little stuffy nose hear and there(which is our bodies way of detoxing harmful toxins we obtain from the environment)but nothing serious, which I am very thankful for. Our bodies are AMAZING and should be treated as a temple. They want to heal themselves we just have to provide the tools for them to work properly. We can only do so much in today's toxic environment but we can be aware and prevent through good nutrition!


  1. Hey Tiff, I am so glad you are doing this blog!!! I just read it all it is awesome. I have problems with aniexty, I would love to not have to take meds for this problem. You'll have to give me some foods that I can eat to help me with that!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Good job Tiff, I will keep checking this out! I also feel blessed to have a healthy, strong body! Doctors are great if ya need them, but glad I don't have to ever go :)