Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alternative Medicine

Alternative(natural) vs. Conventional Medicine
1.Nature before technology
*The most important difference between alternative and conventional is that alternative is founded on a deep belief in the healing power of nature and ones self. We all posses the ability to heal ourselves. Natural practitioners are there to help assist the person so the body can heal itself. Conventional medicine likes to mask the problem and quickly remove the symptoms. Natural practitioners focus on the root and try many different things, which is usually cheaper but takes longer to see the effects.
2. Centered on the patients
*The patients are the main concern not time or money. It is all about seeing and helping one heal. In my experience I got a real sense of caring from the natural doctor and always felt rushed as if I was a number not a human at the conventional doctors office.
3.Less invasive
*Most alternative medicines are based on using the least invasive way possible, like finding out WHY you have allergies NOT giving you allergy medicine to mask it and cause more problems in the future.
4.The use of purely natural methods
*Most naruropathic doctors use herbs, homeopathics, botanicals, nutritonal supplements, and nutrition. Pharmaceutical drugs may be fast-acting but only heal the symptoms temporarily and have many side effects.

Our bodies are made of natural materials not synthetic material so we should be using natural things on our bodies. Man has been using things in the forests and of the earth for thousands of years. It really makes sense.

*I do believe in conventional medicine in certain instances and don't want to dis credit it. It has been a great blessing in some ways yet very harmful in others.

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  1. I can see a lot of amazing ideas here. Your article is so interesting that I've read it two times, and I'll suggest my relatives to read it too