Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Morning Smoothie

I am so big on MODERATION in your life. I don't think you should always eat a smoothie for breakfast, or always eat raw. I also don't think you should never have sweets.

All things in moderation.

I try to change things up. It's good to shock your system and give it a jump start.

Morning Smoothie:
•handful of greens-spinach, kale, or beet greens. I use whatever I have
•handful of frozen berries,(raspberries, cranberries, blue, or black)
•small handful of walnuts (about 15)
•1 small carrot-not the mini carrots. Lol
•1 celery stalk
•1/2 peeled orange
•1/2 frozen banana (I freeze my bananas if they start to go bad)
•1/2 of an apple (apples make it a little sweeter to help with the bitterness)
•1tsp bee pollen
•1tsp of ground flax
•1tsp chia seeds
•1cup of organic almond or coconut milk

I add the seeds and all, i dont peel anything or chop off the ends! more fiber!

*Blend until smooth.
*Add water if its too thick or more almond milk. Just be creative. You can add pears, peaches, yogurt, almonds, sunflower seeds, or avocado (so yummy and makes it smooth). I try to use whats in season or what I have preserved from the previous season.

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