Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have recently finished a Yoga Teacher Training at Bodhi Yoga. I t was wonderful and I learned so much--I am still processing everything. I mostly did the class for myself and to heal my body, mind and spirit, but one day I do hope to teach others the beauty of yoga and meditation.  I needed to be healthier in every way and have received some valuable tools.

As part of my training I am supposed to write a blog entry about Gunas and yoga practice.

There are three main Gunas that manifest physically in everything we do. In yoga they manifest themselves as lines of energy, the struggle of the pose and intention of the practice.  After we have moved into a yoga pose, the energy flowing in us and our bodies alignment are symbiotic-they both benefit.  The gunas, in Yoga are necessary to achieve the union of the body, mind and spirit-you must work with your body to decided which guna will present it self in that particular pose.

Rajas movements are spirals from side to side, inward and outward of a pose, and forward and backwards. The movement of rajas is passionate, insistent, energetic, and dynamic. The emotional rajas will present itself in anger, willingness, manipulation. A person who is extremely active or passionate would possess a lot of rajas.

Tamas movements would be strong, deep and internally focused. The deep reflection inward and the extension of the hands high above the head to the bottoms of the feet would be tamasic practice. Tamas is heaviness or lethargy, inability to reprieve-ignorant. The subconscious mind is present with a tamasic approach creating fear and holds one back form trying a posture, receiving hands on adjustments, or to re-coil from yoga practice. The emotional movements are slothfulness, inattentive, and low vitality.

Sattvic movements are light, clear, delicate, and graceful. Sattva is stillness or balanced. It could be present in a balancing posture and also the center point of your practice. Sattva is non judgmental and when we free ourselves from negative thoughts or emotions to achieve the pure enlightenment. Sattvic approach to yoga would be balance in all things, a pure joy along with the challenge and suffering.

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