Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Ayurveda. What is it?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest Indian lifestyles that tries to create balance within the body, mind and spirit and treating them as a whole. It has been practiced for about 5,000 years. The Chinese also use a system that has become popular in the Western culture called, Chinese Medicine--which is more familiar to most. Ayurvedic practices categorize everything in our day to day life into 5 elements.  Earth, wind, fire, air and space.  Ayurveda is about creating health, rather than treating disease.

Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Every single person has a unique make up of these elements in their body from the time of conception, if you are a fiery person, this will be the first element out of whack--this is your Dosha presenting itself. 

So, if you look at the seasons and combine them with the elements, you can determine where and why you might be out of balance.

Summer is fire/pitta season--hot, humid
Early fall and winter are air/space, vata season--cold, windy
Late winter and spring are earth/water kapha seasons--heavy wet snow and ice.

I am a pitta person(hot), so summer can be a challenging time for me. As the elements in the environment increase, my heat inside my body also increases. Running in the hot sun can ignite my fire or an intense work out, making me feel symptoms of anger, irritability, envious, competitive, and likely to gossip. You might also experience acne, headaches, stomach acid, and diarrhea.

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So, in order to try and bring back balance to your body, Ayruvedic practices believe it is good to not feed the fire of you primary Dosha. Mine, being pitta, I must do yoga asanas that have lost of twisting and balance--focusing on my breath.

 Foods are also a very big part of the Ayruvedic lifestyle. Foods have many elements and can heat and cool the body, thus affecting our moods, appetites, and mental state. 

Ayruveda can be used in every day lifestyles from the foods we eat, to the exercise we do.
Balance is always trying to be obtained, but never will be.


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