Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This is a very powerful word in and of itself. 
When I say the word 'emotions' out loud, I instantly feel a flood of change come over my entire body. 
I can actually feel the word and all the energy behind it---it's that powerful. 

We deal with emotions at every level of our lives, down to the tiny feelings of joy when we see a beautiful butterfly, to the intense feelings of losing a precious loved one. 

Our emotions can affect our health in a positive way or a negative way. 
I have actually experienced this first hand after my son Ollie, passed on. 
My body attracted every sickness and weird ailment that it could possibly find. 
I have never been as sick as I have in these last 3 years.
My body has outwardly been crying for healing, and healing takes time--it might even take an entire lifetime.

 I was unhappy and depressed. 
The negative energy was eating me alive.
At times, I had no hope.
At times I had and immense amount of hope.
Overall, I needed some relief from my deep deep pain.
I had experienced grief so severe that my body was actually falling apart at the very core.
 My life felt like it was a total mess. 
I felt unstable in my marriage and with my children. 
I didn't know who I was and I needed to find myslef again quickly, so I could teach my children who I was and am.
I truly lost myself the day my son died.

 So this year, I have been dedicated to heal myself.
I have known for a while there is something more that I needed in order to heal.
My family needed me to heal so I could take care of them to the best of my ability.
Since I have begun to work on 'me"', I have healed unbelievably. 
I have climbed mountains I never thought were passable, and I have experienced the sweetness of the calm after the storm. 
I have felt more peace as I looked inward. 
I feel my son even more now and I am not closed to the idea of him being around me and near me all day everyday!
Emotional healing can make all the difference in our lives.  
Our bodies like to work in harmony and it will perform at an optimum level--and that is what I strive for daily.

When your body goes through a physical trauma, it might express itself it your emotions. I thought for a while I was bi-polar--nope, it was just the grief manifesting itself in my daily emotions. It was so intense at times that I thought my heart might physically stop beating. I do think my body was grieving so intensely that when I was pregnant with my third child, my body decided it wasn't healthy for the baby in my womb so, he came 3 months early.
Our bodies are simply amazing, yet oh.so.fragile.
I honestly think I had a grieving uterus. I bled from 15 weeks on until my son was born.
Grief made my son come out early--it physically manifest itself by releasing a child.
The grief was locked inside and needed to release itself.
and that's just what it did.
and the end result was more beautiful than I had imagined.... 

Emotions are real, they are intense and they can be very beautiful--but we do need to release them. 
They simply can not stay locked inside, they will find a way out.

Here are a few things I have personally done to help release my anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress to try and put my body back into balance.

Daily Yoga Practice.
Essential Oil Blends.
Healthy and Energizing Foods.
Uplifting People.
Homeopathic Remedies.
Finding My Passions.

-The Camel Pose- 
I try to do this pose daily.
I imagine my negative emotions leaving through my heart and the positive and peaceful ones entering back into my heart! I also rub the essential oils over my heart. This asana really opens up my heart to the heavens and releases my heart and throat chakras--in turn releasing the negative energy that was blocked.

This is just so true.....

I apply all these oils several times a day--especially right before yoga.
They really do lift my spirits and my frequency levels.
Patchouli in particular brings me back to my teenage years and I feel so happy.
These are currently my top favorite.....

Here's to healing your mind, body and spirit!

Where I studied Yoga-Bodhi Yoga

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