Monday, April 6, 2015

Ancient Oils

You may have heard all the talk about essential oils lately??? Hopefully you are taking advantage and becoming your own doctor for your family. Well, these oils-Doterra, are as good as everyone is making them sound.  There really is something amazing and powerful you can use to heal your family. 

They are ancient
they are very sacred.
  • Jesus' body was wrapped in Myrrh and Aloe.
  • Egyptians have used essential oils for all their burials and oils have been one of the few things they found preserved in the tombs--along with honey and gold.
  • The Egyptians also used oils to clear negative emotions after death so they could progress in the afterlife. 
  • Jesus was brought Frankincense and Myrrh when he was born. 
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine they use oils to move the Qi-body energy, and to promote overall health.
The Myrrh Tree

I have always been fascinated with the Egyptians and their culture--they accomplished some pretty amazing things for their day. If these precious oils have been around since the first humans and were used on a son of a God, then I think we should be using them too.

I personally have used essential oils for about 15 years. I started wearing patchouli and sandalwood. They just made me so happy. After years of learning about them, I know understand why I loved them at such a young age. They really were elevating my mood back in high school.I have tried more brands than I can count. Most of my oils have since gone rancid. The carrier oil has spoiled. Doterra doesn't use any carrier oils. They are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade and they even have a higher standard than organic.

I use the oils daily on my children and myslef. I use them to combat my grief and lift my depression and aid in my anxiety. I use them to prevent colds, heart burn, to aid in the healing of yeast infections, earaches, toothaches, burns, rashes, digestion, infant teething, croup, sleep, and a hundred other ailments. They really have become my go-to product in my home. They really do help with most hings I have come across---but one thing is for sure, you have to be consistent. 

Consistency is key.

You can not use them once and expect help. For example, I had a giant toothache and my gum was super swollen. I couldn't get to a doctor for a few weeks. I needed relief. I began applying Tea Tree/Melaleuca and peeled garlic cloves to my gums about 5 times a day or more. I needed immediate relief and that's what I got. I was willing to do anything. We all now how bad a toothache feels? It's miserable. I had relief within a day and actually the swelling and pain went away within 3 days. I never went to the doctor---I was a poor college student and determined to take care of it on my own!

Have you used essential oils? 
Are you wondering if Doterra is organic? Read this article here

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