Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Are we self absorped?

I have been seeing so many conflicting expressions lately with the image people are portraying as they practice their style of yoga.  I have seen the fancy selfies to the perfectly staged yoga pose, and what appears to be the ego seeking yoga teacher, all portraying perfection and mastery. 

Today, yoga is the western world is suffering from the spiritual aspect. The deep essence of yoga has been watered down and misinterpreted by many, just so they can gain popularity and wealth. A great haze of confusion has been created around a clear and pure concept of yoga that clarification is needed to see the true meaning and purpose of yoga.

 The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word you means to yoke or unite and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. It is meant to unite us with our highest nature-to me, meaning God. We unite this level of connection without any limitations through various yoga disciplines and obtain our true nature. Yoga helps humans become aware of their deepest and most personal self through self study. Yoga facilitates a place for clarity, peace and harmony. In today's busy world where there is so much stress, yoga just might be the key to our modern survival.

In a modern world where there is so much disconnection to life, to humans, to God, to others, to the earth, we tend to feel feelings of fear, hopelessness and sadness. In reconnecting with our higher power and our higher self, one is able to re-connect with everything around us. We all need to take a deep look inward instead of pointing fingers. The true peace comes from deep within and that is where we will see God in our image.

There are many different styles and ways to practice yoga, some may not be accurate with the traditional yoga, but hopefully however we all practice it will help us become more aware and loving towards ourselves as well as others. Regardless of what we are portraying on Instagram, we need not judge one another and accept all so we can be balanced in our lives in order to obtain true clarity.

If the very details of our daily lives are well balanced, then we can surely make progress in yoga in the modern world. Regardless of where we live or what we do, we can create a life conducive to yoga!! 

"True spirituality requires experiencing a self-transcending connection with life and with others, but when we live trapped within this disease of self-absorption, the truly spiritual experience is impossible"--Bill Waltz 

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