Monday, December 28, 2015


I did a fast today and after I finally ate, I sat and noticed that the energy from the food was instantly being transported to where it needed to go. I bet if you looked in my body at a microscopic level, the nutrients would be traveling through the cells to their proper locations. I tend to get very weak when I fast, I think my blood sugar might drop a little too low, so when I do get food in my tummy, my body is extreme about distributing it quickly and I can feel what's going on. If I am still enough to recognize it. 

I am in a loud busy restaurant at the moment and was sitting here thinking, if I were at home in a quiet place I could probably be more aware of what's really going on in my body. Eben in all this noise I can still hear and feel the changes taking place. Wow our bodies are so cool!

I was also thinking how our bodies tell us what they need, we just can't hear because we are so busy and never take the time to listen until it's too late and we have major ailments. If we would just slow down and breathe, we would probably hear so much coming form our spirit, mind and body. I hope to get to a point where I can hear the small whispering from my body and God on the direction to take my life. 
We must first be quiet enough to hear, then ask, and then act!


Yoga has helped me in my personal life to take a step back and listen. Listen to my breath, listen to my body and listen to my spirit. They are all always communicating and in perfect harmony. Our bodies know exactly what to do, how to heal, how to grieve, how to overcome a sickness. They are amazing and need a few simple tools to heal. We need to offer them these tools such as yoga, proper nutrition, stillness, sleep, mediation, exercise, love, etc. 

Yoga has been just another piece in my journey as I learn to heal my body and give it what it really wants and needs! 

Slow yourself down. 
Be in the moment that is right in front of you.
Just do it and see what you find. 
Might be quite beautiful.


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