Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Can Yoga Really Help Us?

The practice of YOGA has become very popular and trendy in the last decade and more so the last few years. It seems as if it's a main stream topic and highly popular among anyone looking to improve their well being. 

The word Yoga came into existence around 1500 B.C. from the Eastern world and was later introduced to the Western world around the 19th Century. In the Indian traditional yoga, it was highly meditative and spiritual, unlike today it seems the main stream yoga is all about physical exercise.

Whatever your approach to yoga is, there can be a benefit to you. My personal preference is the traditional yoga, which includes a highly spiritual and meditative practice, along with cleansing of the body and soul all while connected to the earth and your breath. I have found my greatest healing in connecting my breath, spirit, and body to the earth in deep meditation. In calming my breath it automatically calms my heart, and my thoughts, thus taking me to a deeper existence. My body works in perfect unison. And this is where healing begins.

Yoga brings about so much peace and harmony in the body, if you will allow it. When our bodies are out of balance things happen that affect us negatively and this will cause us to get sick or be anger filled. The body traps negative energy inside and we need to physically release it.

The more I practice yoga and just be, the stronger my mind and body become. I feel so strong mentally when I am doing some yoga. My body feels more balanced and I also feel more in tune with my feelings and this allows me to control them more easily and find that true peace. 

I have found great healing and growth by taking a deep look inward, to really see myslef, my cells, my heart, my dreams---to find what makes me, me!

So, can yoga really help us as a society? Yes, it could only help us to hate less and love more.

You should give it a try! You might just like what you see.

This was an interesting article about yoga in our society.

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