Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mistakes made in poses

There are quite a few mistakes people make when practicing a pose. I too, have been among these people. I really have tried to break apart the poses in order to do them correctly with the most benefit,  all while breathing and relaxing.

Here are a few break downs of poses and the proper way to practice them.

Utkatasana-Chair Pose

  • Arms reaching towards heaven and engaged
  • Relaxed shoulders and back
  • Tuck the tail bone and keep the spine long
  • Make sure your knees are even and touching
  • If your feet are aligned then your knees will be too 

Phalakasana-Plank Pose  

  • Make sure your feet are hip distance apart and pushing through feet
  • Tuck tailbone
  • Shoulders relaxed and pulling away from ears
  • Push the back towards the heavens while lengthening the spine
  • Pull the navel towards the spine
  • Plant hands firmly and evenly on the ground and directly below the shoulders
  • Draw shoulder blades into the spine while relaxing the neck muscles
  • Hands and fingers spread wide and planted evenly


  • Straight line from head to toes
  • Gaze straight down just above the mat
  • Elbows pointing in and close to body 
  • Only lower until the arms are at a 90 degree angle
  • Shift forward onto toes as you lower down
  • Core and legs engaged

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