Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Yoga, if you haven't already noticed in the media, is becoming main stream and people who have never even practiced it before are becoming intrigued and actually really liking it.

Yoga can heal your body in so many ways if you allow it. The breath alone can heal you in ways you never though possible. It can heal your heart, your aches and pains, your blocked energy causing the physical pain, your grief, depression, it can quiet the mind, it can lower blood pressure, it can hep you lose weight, and it can even make you a better parent, just to name a few.

In yoga the breath is the number one most important thing. In life, our breath is what gives us life, without it we cease to be alive.  I never knew until after studying more about yoga, that there is more than one way to breathe and still be breathing in a healthy way.

"You breathe to live, and you live to breathe"

In yoga there is a term for the breath, it is called pranayama. Pranayama is control of the breath". "Prana" is breath or vital energy in the body. Prana represents the pranic energy responsible for life or life force, and "ayama" means control. So Pranayama is the "Control of Breath".

A link for some exercises to help with your breath.
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By focusing on your own breath, something so small but so significant, you are able to slow down, take a look inward and make changes in a big way. You are able to really feel your breath, feel your body and feel its powers.

Why are we taught from such a young age to bury our feelings? Why are we not allowed to express ourselves more by crying or being really mad?

I think the world has no room for feelings. We constantly are looked at as a weak individual if we show any signs of vulnerability. In my life personally, when I have been the weakest, that is where I have found my true self. Interesting how at the lowest of lows, you can find yourself as you look inward. And by turning inward you see Gods image and you see your divine purpose.

Often, I can't believe how so many people can be so rude and rushing through life.  They forget to take time to breathe. They forget to truly live. They forget to take time to smell the flowers and watch the cute things their precious children are doing. I catch myself waiting in line at the post office, the grocery store, or the bank and no one usually ever says one word to me. I try to make small talk while we all impatiently wait our turn. I have consciously been trying to be in the moment and enjoy all the small details and the details being people that are in my life at that moment. Most of them are to busy looking at their phones to communicate with the humans standing all around them. My dad is the one who taught me to make small talk wherever I go and by the time you leave, everyone is your friend!

I feel like if we opened up our hearts more in society, on social media and to our own family members, then we could receive more help when we need an extra prayer or some TLC. How can you help someone if they never share real issues, they always just stay on the surface? I have seen in my own family how keeping their problems to themselves only hurts them and leaves them alone n their trial. Its too bad they didn't have the support system that could have helped carry them through their struggle. We are in our own bubble. We drive around in our protective bubble, we live in a bubble, we don't open up and ever really show our true self.  I am a very open person, maybe too open sometimes, but what you see with me is what you get. I think this has been a critical healing method in my grief because I have been vulnerable and needed a TON of love and support from others to carry me through. If I would have not reached out when I was hurting, most people would have never known I needed help.

It is not a natural thing to be so far removed from what others are feeling.  Our society has developed this way of life by competing with one another by our cars, fashion, houses, bodies, finances etc. Nothing is ever good enough on our own body and we are always focused on ourselves, so how could we ever see anyone else in need?

By opening up, you see yourself and you see others. You receive less judgment from yourself and more self love. This love you can then offer to others who are so closed off and cold.

And for me, I have gained all this from practicing yoga. It has healed me and it can heal you too.
Share your heart even if no one listens. One day someone will and in the meantime it will heal your heart.



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