Saturday, January 2, 2016

A better way?

Why is it so hard to convince people that a better way might be better? 

Is it our ego?
Is it that we just don't care?
Is it that we have blinders on?

I really don't know why, but possibly it could be the lack of knowledge or experience, which makes someone unaware of the benefits or results. I think we all get set in our ways and think our way is the only and right way. We do this with everything in our lives from the routine of getting up in the morning to the food we buy. 

My husband is a chef--he knows his way around the kitchen and everything has an exact spot. It is strategically placed so he can quickly and easily grab it while preparing food.  In my life personally, I have done things in the kitchen, the same way for years. One day my husband showed me a different way--which ended up being much better. I was very reluctant to try it and quite frankly, I liked my way. It worked for me. He had thought long and hard why he was putting something in a specific spot in the kitchen and he had good reason for his placement.  I was just doing it my way with no thought at all other than how it just happened.  Until he brought this better way to my attention, I was clueless that it could be done differently. 

In life, I think we tend to get comfortable in our ways--good or bad and not want to change. We tend to be bull headed and think our way is best--this can also be due to lack of knowledge or understanding. Once we see things in a different way, so much can be opened to us and we receive new light

Since studying about yoga and making it a lifestyle, I have learned that there is not just one way to practice--some ways might be better and some might be best, but they are all hopefully an effort of self reflection and improvement. Of course, I have my preferred way to practice but I have noticed many don't like this way--or they don't take the time to see that I have put some great thought and personal practice into my personal approach.  The approach I am choosing to take in life and with yoga has helped me be more loving and accepting. My heart has been opened. I feel more love--its a deep love.

I have to remind myself that others do not see the world as I do. They have not experienced what I have and I have not experienced what they have. So we need to be just a bit more open and accepting to everyone in their life journey. 
Today I plan to be more open to another way of doing things, whatever that thing may be. I will see it from a different perspective with open eyes and open heart.

We are all in this together! 

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