Friday, January 1, 2016


My husband has been watching me practice yoga and has also looked at several yoga social media accounts. He has made the comment, that he thinks I don't really look like all those other woman posting pictures-that I am not as flexible as them. He wondered if I am doing it correctly and getting the same benefits and how I was going to teach others if I was so inflexible?

That being said, I had a lot of explaining to do and also a lot of research to do to make sure I knew what the traditional way of practicing yoga was. There is so much more to yoga that being flexible--that is just a by product of practicing yoga.

I am one of the most inflexible people out there. I have been a runner since in the 8th grade and my body has been tight--I've never stretched enough.  My body is so tight--I think I am holding onto way too much. Yoga has helped me relax and release unneeded and unwanted tension held up in my body.

Since my first yoga class 15 years ago, I have always craved that flexibility and release others had. Every time I would attend a class, I always noticed the flexible ones and I looked at them as if they had something I didn't. It appeared that if they were more flexible that they had a better release and practice than I did. I know don't think this is the case--one can benefit just as much being flexible or not so flexible for their body at that time. But I do know that the more I practice the better I feel. My body loves being loose and tension free---something I hope to one day achieve.

Flexibility comes to some very easily while others suffer with inflexibility all there lives--such as me. I have to work very hard to release my body, it just holds onto things so well. Sometimes I feel as if I will not ever fully release all my tension filed body parts, but the more I practice the more results I see. Consistency is key. If I skip yoga for a week at a time, my body seems to go back quicker to its old ways and takes so much more time to get back to where I felt good.

The body operates more optimally when it is flexible.  Stretching the body allows the blood to flow more efficiently to tissues, prevents injury, lengthens muscles and lessens overall pain by releasing tension.

Maintaining and enhancing one’s flexibility is a life-long process and you must be patient.


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