Friday, February 27, 2015

Hands On

As a yoga teacher, you can use hand on adjusting with your students while they are in a pose, if you first take a few precautions. This touch can make the teacher-student bond long lasting and can take the asanas to a new level, if done properly. I personally love the hands-on adjustments done to me, it helps me bring awareness to the body part that is being touched.  Remember, the body works as one entire operating system and is connected from head to toe!

Guidelines for Hands-on Adjusting
-You first need to ask permission-do not be offended if touch is refused.
-Communicate what you will be doing to them and where you will be touching.
-The breath is what grounds you, so make sure you are both using ujjayi breath.
-Firmly apply even pressure, increasing little by little, more can always be added.
-Make sure you are grounded before touching the other person, so you bwill both get the full benefit of the adjustment.
-You can gently tap or apply pressure to the area needing adjustments and make sure you adjust both side equally.

This adjustment is one of my favorites--maybe a little too personal for a teacher, but with your mate, this would be wonderful. So much love and connection.

My personal opinion is to use hands on adjusting in every single class. It creates a level of connection and healing. I just love hands on. It heals me and it heal others. It takes the practice in areas often never felt before. It can be very tiring too for the teacher, so don't overdo yourself. So often we go through out our days not touching many people,(this is not true for me---I even touch strangers as I talk to them, I am one of those creeping touchy people ha) and we need touch as humans. I would love to hug everyone I see and meet, it really opens people up and knocks down their barrier. We would all love more, I just know it.

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  1. Love this!! Great advise ! My husbands culture hugs a lot (Latin). His mom hugs and kisses each person when she walks in the door and before she leaves. I feel like it helps unify us too as a family .
    Also I absolute love it when yoga teachers adjust or put pressure in spots so I can feel the stretch better or fix my technique!