Monday, December 7, 2015


I have recently been attending a meditation class one night a week. It has opened my eye (third eye) to a different way of looking at things. I have never been so present in my own life and it has made me more conscious of my every decision. Living in the moment has also helped my focus be in the moment I am currently living. I don't look too far into the future and I don't focus too much on the past. 

I am here and now. 
I am feeling the earth. 
Feeling my breath. 
Becoming aware of my body. 
Being in this time and space.

All these reminders help me better understand my grief and my sorrow. Being in the moment allows my body to heal and to try and live again. 

Try to heal my broken heart, my wounded soul and my shattered world.

Meditation can be done all through out the day. 
-When you are driving you can simply be in the moment and take in the beautiful surroundings, listen to nice music, or relax and enjoy the time alone to think.  
-You can also do it while standing in a long line, you can focus on being alive and all your blessings, you can look at every person and try to see them with your spiritual eyes, also you could try to just focus on your breath and your body.
-You can meditate in the morning right before getting out of bed. You can set your intention for the day and just lie awake on your back for several minutes and feel every part of your body

Meditation for me has been making my mind aware of every single thing around me and looking for the beauty in all things. I have become more grateful and accepting of others shortcomings as I try to see the good in them.

What benefits have you seen from meditating?
Where do you meditate?

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